Congratulations President Elect Obama!

…  and congratulations to all of you who GOT OUT THE VOTE and worked hard the past eight years to keep hope alive and who stayed at your ‘post’ through thick and thin, floods and wars, with and without resources. You were a force behind the tsunami that turned this country around!   We can now move forward. WIN and CAWA have been building and honing the infrastructure for action networks to support a progressive administration, and to now implement the California and US women’s agendas.

We invite you to our website and blog – give us your reactions to the elections – did your candidates win?  What about state initiatives you worked on?  What do you want to do to help the Obama administration?

Watch for our newsletter with opportunities to engage in moving the agendas, locally, nationally and globally.  i.e. CAWA Leadership Summit,  February, 2009;   US Women Connect Caucus and WIN Panels at the UN CSW,  March, 2009.

Enjoy this collage of newspaper headlines that Carol Hansen Grey put together announcing Obama’s victory with his victory speech and more!


One thought on “Congratulations President Elect Obama!

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