By Diana Madoshi

Economic expansion of the kind that is needed at this time is crucially dependent on this administration making a full and firm commitment to closing the last remaining gaps that exist in true racial equality AS WELL AS gender parity. This is not to mention that we witnessed a vast and growing gap in incomes between the wealthiest Americans and the lower and middle classes. America has the an opportunity to do ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME, but the A.P and the White House have confirmed that provisions to expand access to affordable family planning will be stripped from the economic stimulus bill. To allow Republicans to single out and convince the President to remove this provision without a fight, will be a betrayal to millions of low-income women by our DEMOCRATIC PARTY, who adopted a platform promising these very actions. Ignoring the importance of affordable family planning to the future prosperity of our nation’s economy will only come at a great price at a later date Please consider taking action now by calling the White House and your state representatives and senators to voice your support for the Medicaid Family Planning State Option. Please consider asking others to do the same. Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111, and your state Representatives and Senators to speak out now!


  1. Your organisation is doing a very good work. Its quite big too. I believe you could improve your outreach to the grassroots with audiovisuals that are translated linguistically. We do have such projects that can support your work in Africa against harmful cultural practices against women.. Keep up the fight.

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