Connecting Women Across Cultures For Collective Action WIN connects women and girls through CALLING the CIRCLE, our ground-breaking program that is currently linking women from the U.S., Afghanistan, Uganda, and Japan for full participation in Democracy. WIN also coordinates the California Women’s Agenda (CAWA), a million women network that organizes – not an organization that networks. CAWA and CALLING the CIRCLE are ways in which WIN is working to implement the Beijing Platform of Action, the document created from the 4th United Nations Conference on Women, 1995, and reaffirmed by 189 nations in March, 2005. CAWA is a partner with nine other state hubs in US Women Connect (USWC).

The views expressed in the featured blogs and articles on the Winwomenspeak blog are those of the author alone and do not represent The Women’s Intercultural Network.  The Women’s intercultural network is a 501(c)(4) organization and does not endorse candidates.

For political music, activism, and tributes, 2008


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to see a category on Sustainable agriculture and environmental issues. With out clean air to breath read trees, with out clean water to drink read trees with out safe foood sources all the other political issues are mute we ahve no future.

    Politics and wars are about land and land-use. Essentailly who gets to detemine the use of land. So lets have some real conversations about sustainabilty.

  2. Thanks so much Charlie for the feedback! I have created categories for the blog to represent everything listed in the CAWA platform for action. Let me know if there is an article you think would be perfect for the first blog in the ‘Environment’ category.

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